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Teacher Appreciation for Teachers in foreign countries.

Mentor Leaders serves villages in Togo West Africa, Haiti and El Salvador.

Mentor Leaders is a non-profit organization building communities through aid, restoration and sustainability. We do this through the loving hands of volunteers just like you. At each mission site, children receive a quality education, access to clean water, nourishment and basic medical assistance - all providing an empowering opportunity for each child to successfully use what they have gained to create a sustainable life among their own people.

One of our most valuable resources is our TEACHERS.  Each teacher, as in the US, gives countless hours to ensure that their students flourish and achieve success after graduation.

Here in the states, teachers are blessed to have organizations, committees and even holidays dedicated to the appreciation of the work they do.  We want to provide that same opportunity for our foreign teachers.  We need your help to rally behind them with a loud and clear message, "We love you and we appreciate what you do!"

In 2018 we were able to encourage several teachers with gifts of appreciation, thanks to your generosity and the generosity of other supporters. This year, and once again, we would like to bless the teachers in each of our Mentor Leaders academies. 

Would you please consider donating to a fellow teacher? To one who provides the same attention, care, love, and support to children around the world as you do in your own classroom?

Thank you for all you do!

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